“Is biopharma ready to embrace the new biology?”

Dr. Markus Thunecke Senior Partner

“At Catenion, I can put my scientific background in cell therapy and regenerative medicine to practical use and help bring innovative therapies to the market.”

Dr. Pascal Joly Principal

“Change-Management is a team effort – let’s get started.”

Dr. Matthias Krings Senior Partner

“Helping clients around the globe to unleash the power of immune system in the fight against a plethora of diseases is a very rewarding career path for a trained immunologist.”

Dr. Jelena Nedjic Principal

“Catenion provides an exciting workplace where science meets business. We aim to help our clients to reach patients sooner and better.”

“Increasingly, bioconvergent therapeutics and hybrid products and services promise cures; with current pharmaco-economic pricing rationales, these will be cost-effective but they will

bankrupt the system.”

Christian Elze Senior Partner

“Translating new technologies into viable business ideas”

Arno Heuermann COO, Partner/ Managing Director

“We develop strategies that empower our clients to drive innovation and bring new treatments from promises to patients.”


Predicting Success of Phase III Trials in Oncology

We developed a model predicting the probability of success (PoS) for single planned or ongoingPhIII trials based on information available at trial initiation
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The Architecture Of A Blockbuster

Blockbuster status has long been the heultimate goal of drug development, defined as a sales potential of more than $1bn. The economics of drug development, and in fact of the entire biopharma industry, very much rely on these few gems that provide the returns to compensate for the long development pathway and often several billion […]
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