„How can patients and the legislature steer the biopharmaceutical industry towards sustainable innovation?“

Dr. Anela Vukoja Associate

“China’s policy makers are making a concerted long-term effort to build a competitive biomedical innovation system – but R&D-based value creation
is only just beginning.”

Christian Elze Senior Partner

“Helping clients around the globe to unleash the power of immune system in the fight against a plethora of diseases is a very rewarding career path for a trained immunologist.”

Dr. Jelena Nedjic Associate

“Sitting at the boundary between science and business is an incredibly rewarding experience”

“From bench to bedside and beyond: Translating inspiring science into innovative business strategies is a fascinating journey”

“Weaving the science and commercial together to sew targeted solutions for our clients: that is my goal”

Min Ji Kim Research Analyst

‘Enhance decision making through a data-driven approach: challenging assumptions and exploring new ideas – this is our passion’

“I help R&D teams deliver on the promise of gene therapy”

“Change-Management is a team effort – let’s get started”

Dr. Matthias Krings Senior Partner

“Uncovering the real value of technologies for our clients by seeing through the smoke and mirrors of the industry is just one of the fascinating aspects of working at Catenion”

“Using my scientific expertise to identify game-changing technology and solve strategic RnD challenges combines my passion with real outcomes”

“Is biopharma ready to embrace the new biology?”

Dr. Markus Thunecke Senior Partner

“At Catenion, I can put my scientific background in cell therapy and regenerative medicine to practical use and help bring innovative therapies to the market.“

Dr. Pascal Joly Manager


In Vivo Biopharma RD Productivity-Growth 2017

This is our fourth annual survey of pharma R&D productivity. Last year we noted that there has been a year-on-year increase in R&D productivity to the tune of 46% from 2014 to 2016. However this trend has not continued in 2017 …
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Financier – M&A in biopharma – why bigger is not better

Numerous studies by academics and consultants demonstrate that M&A, on average, destroys value. A recent study performed on the Russe II 3000 index from 2001 to 2013 shows that most M&A is dilutive to earnings growth over an extended period post-merger. …
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