About us

We draw on our deep understanding of industry trends and company dynamics to help our clients develop actionable competitive strategies. We also address the cultural impediments to pharmaceutical innovation by helping clients create the organisational climates that foster creativity and medical breakthroughs. At the same time we also greatly improve how our clients assess the value and risk of their project and product portfolios and how they allocate resources.

We work with board directors, CEOs, business unit general managers, heads of R&D, finance, strategy, portfolio management, business development and other executives who want to improve the performance of the organisation. We are able to do so because of four differentiators.

  • First, we specialise in strategy development and innovation management for pharmaceutical and medical products companies. It’s our sole focus.
  • Second, we possess and continually develop leading approaches to key aspects of R&D strategy such as asset valuation, risk assessment and portfolio management.
  • Third, we bring highly experienced consultants with deep expertise in the economic, scientific and organisational issues of life sciences R&D and who deliver a cross–disciplinary approach to their work.
  • Last, our consultants are passionate about transferring their knowledge and capabilities to clients. We do so through The Catenion Academy, which offers education programmes on decision analysis.

The Academy focuses on proven approaches to making complex investment decisions for R&D projects and portfolios. We are equally passionate about helping our clients boost innovation and thus contributing to medical advances.

We are constantly seeking entreprenurial opportunities related to our core capabilities and are willing to go at risk.