Dr. Galina Kudryasheva

  • Analyst
  • Berlin, Germany

Galina Kudryasheva is an Analyst with Catenion and lives in Berlin.

After graduating from a Siberian Federal University, Galina moved to Germany to do her PhD and postdoc in cell biophysics at the University of Göttingen. During her interdisciplinary academic research, Galina investigated the interplay of biochemical and mechanical responses of human mesenchymal stem cells to their physical microenvironment. By means of cell culture techniques, fluorescence microscopy and analysing visco-elastic properties of cells, she was able to contribute to the understanding of the influences of mechanical microenvironment on stem cell fate.

In addition to the scientific experience, Galina gained a profound knowledge on Clinical Trials Management through the postgraduate training at Parexel Academy. As the part of training program, Galina worked at Medical Imaging department and, as a project manager, was leading AstraZeneca’s clinical trial.

As a Siberian born, Galina loves winter: she goes snowboarding to enjoy off-piste freeride and easily jumps in a snowdrift after sauna.