Dr. Shawn Leland

Dr. Shawn M. Leland, PharmD, RPh is a Principal Consultant for Catenion and lives in Denver, Colorado.  Shawn has more than 10 years of experience working within oncology for both Big Pharma and Biotech companies.

Shawn currently serves as Head of Business Development for Verastem Oncology where he has helped lead out-licensing efforts for COPIKTRA (duvelisib) after being part of the Catenion due diligence team to assist with the in-licensing of this asset from Infinity.  Shawn is also responsible for leading Verastem Oncology’s in-licensing efforts to help build out their pipeline.  Prior to being at Verastem, Shawn was Head of Business Development for Argos Therapeutics which was developing a fully personalized, mRNA-based DC vaccine targeting both neoantigens and normal, overexpressed, non-mutated antigens where he put numerous strategic partnerships in place.  Prior to Argos Therapeutics, Shawn worked in both Oncology Search and Evaluation along with Medical Affairs at Eli Lilly and ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, respectively.

In his free time, Shawn enjoys cycling, hiking and snowboarding.


Shawn holds a PharmD from Albany College of Pharmacy which he obtained in 2008 and also completed a PharmD Fellowship Program with Bristol-Myers Squibb in Oncology Medical Affairs through the Rutger’s Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship Program which he completed in 2009.


  • Oncology asset and company assessments – scientific and clinical due diligence
  • Competitive landscape assessments
  • Clinical development strategy mapping
  • Portfolio management and strategic pipeline analysis
  • Business development – due diligence, business case analysis, deal negotiation, transacation negotiation and deal/agreement execution
  • Cellular therapies – DCs, NK cells, CAR-T, TCR and neoantigen-specific approaches
  • Targeted therapies – small molecule TKIs, mAbs, bispecifics and ADCs
  • Commercial assessments – market research, KOL interviews and landscape assessments
  • Medical affairs activities