Gabriel S. Eichler

Dr. Eichler has spent the 15 years working to apply healthcare technologies to problems in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry and the delivery of healthcare. Formerly he was the VP of Products at GNS Healthcare, architecting and overseeing the company’s major pharmaceutical and payer-oriented product offerings.  Prior to that, Dr. Eichler managed several global client programs at PatientsLikeMe focusing on patient-centered research and real world outcomes. Dr. Eichler was also responsible for establishing that company’s oncology product strategy and its first hybrid virtual and physical clinical trial in collaboration with the Moffitt Cancer Center and Ohio State University. Dr. Eichler has also worked at worked at Relay Technology Management (acquired by Decision Resources Group), InnoCentive, McKinsey and Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Eichler completed his MSc. and PhD in Bioinformatics at Boston University and the National Cancer Institute’s Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology, jointly. His BSE is in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania. He has authored over 40 scholarly manuscripts and book chapters.  He is an investor and advisor to numerous early-stage startup companies. Dr. Eichler is also a seasoned public speaker and has delivered over 100 lectures globally on personalized medicine, genomics, patient centricity, big data, open innovation and medical informatics.

In addition Dr. Eichler is the Managing Director of Oak Health Partners .