Deborah Frick

Deborah is Catenion’s Finance Manager and lives in Berlin.

Before joining Catenion, she finished her master’s in International Finance at Berlin School of Economics and Law in 2018. During her studies, she worked in Asset Management as well as Accounting and Taxation.

Deborah loves travelling. She has spent time abroad working in the US and New Zealand, studying in Hungary and travelling many parts of the world.

In her free time, she also likes to do sports and yoga.


After doing her bachelor’s degree in International Management in Augsburg, Germany, majoring in Finance and Real Estate Management, she completed her MSc in International Finance at Berlin School of Economics and Law, also spending time at International Business School Budapest.

Katarina Ebert

Hi there!

I am a qualified Organisational and Clinical Psychologist and Coaching professional based in Berlin, Germany and I have been with Catenion since 2018.

My role in the company is to manage the (world’s best!) team and to help create the best possible working environment for everyone… well of course this is an ambitious goal!

I strongly believe in the benefits of good communication in workplaces and that companies nowadays have to make a conscious effort to keep their staff motivated and healthy. Through my previous role as a work-life-balance consultant and having worked outside of Germany I gained a lot of insight in regards to challenges companies might be facing and how to deal with them.

Feel free to contact me anytime regarding your questions concerning working as a Consultant at Catenion.

Bettina Eyermann

Bettina Eyermann is the Executive Assistant to the Partners at Catenion and lives in Berlin.

Before moving back to Germany, Bettina has worked as an Executive/Personal Assistant in various financial institutions in London, UK, for several years.

Bettina is fluent in English, French and Italian and has completed Intensive language courses in Spanish and Russian.

Her interests and hobbies include literature, classical music, fine art, ballroom dancing, travelling and outdoor activities.


After studying Classical Music in Perugia, Italy, Bettina obtained her BA (Hons) in French in 2001 at King’s College London, UK. She has spent 13 years in England and has also lived and studied in Italy and France.