Our Values

A number of principles have shaped, and will continue to shape, our firm:

  • Creativity, drive and intrinsic motivation
  • Full empathy with the client and his problems
  • Intellectual honesty and an open mind
  • An understanding of the big picture and attention to detail
  • Modesty and self-awareness

As a result, we continually perfect and re-invent our approaches and analytical methods, always go the extra mile, and are much better at delivering our services than at selling ourselves.

Catenion partners and consultants are here because they love the work they do — not to build a CV and use their experience as a stepping stone on the path to professional glory.

Our Advisor

Catenion draws on a variety of external experts to guide our firm, provide strategic direction, and help us continually improve our impact on clients.

We are honored to have outstanding individuals serve as our advisors:

Sir Mark Richmond

Former Head of Global Research of Glaxo–Wellcome. He served on the boards of Genentech Inc., OSI Pharmaceuticals, Targeted Genetics Corp., Ark Therapeutics Ltd., Paratek Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Sosei Co. Ltd.