Asset Valuation

Asset Valuation in Neurology

Project Context and Scope

Catenion was engaged by the global head of marketing of a major player in the neurology market to support decision analysis for two Phase II and one Phase III neurology projects. The key question was to understand interdependencies between projects and to develop priorities for resource allocation to maximise the value of the neurology portfolio.

Approach: 1 Partner, 1 Consultant for 4 Months

Key focus for the Phase III asset on:

  • Identifying the key value drivers (features) of the product
  • Understanding the risks of these features not being supported by the pivotal trials
  • Developing a risk mitigation programme of additional phase IV studies to support product claims in case of weak phase III data

Key focus for the two Phase II assets on:

  • Option space mapping including a search for additional indications
  • Delivering an in-depth assessment of risk profile
  • Improving clarity on remaining R&D costs
  • Enhancing the clinical development, post marketing and launch strategy to ensure maximum ROI

Key Benefits to the Client

  • R&D and marketing for the first time found a common way of looking at the upsides and risks of the projects.
  • The organisation developed a substantial Phase IV programme for its more advanced compound and fundamentally changed the development strategy for one of its Phase II compounds.
  • A new decision analysis process was designed and implemented for continuous use.