Portfolio Management in Pharma

Post–Merger Portfolio Analysis and Implementation Support

Project Context and Scope

During the post–merger integration process at a global pharmaceutical company, Catenion was engaged by a member of the executive management team to conduct a portfolio review of the entire clinical development portfolio of the combined organisation.

Approach: 3 Partners, 2 Consultants, 1 Analyst for 7 Months

Key Focus:

Stage 1 — top–line review of entire portfolio using existing information to identify key strengths and weaknesses of projects

Stage 2 — in depth analysis of all projects covering:

  • Option space mapping
  • Detailed R&D risk assessment
  • Sales forecast and business case (Phase II and III assets)
  • Innovativeness screening (Pre–clinical and Phase I assets)
  • Competitor analysis

Stage 3 — portfolio review

  • Size and shape of portfolio and first cut portfolio prioritisation
  • Risk return profile by TA and of the entire organisation (stochastic simulation)

Stage 4 — Training and coaching of portfolio management group

Key Benefits to the Client

  • Through a four–stage process, Catenion conducted a transparent and objective review and delivered its results to the executive management team, including recommendations on priorities across projects, indications and entire therapy areas. In addition, we uncovered numerous opportunities for risk mitigation.
  • Several projects were stopped, others were changed in priority. The overall risk/return profile of the portfolio was improved.
  • The client decided to implement the process that was used in the new organisation.