Organisational Effectiveness

Redesigning an R&D Organisation to be Consistent With the New Company Strategy

Project Context and Scope

At a global pharmaceutical company, the board member for R&D asked Catenion to help re–align the R&D organisation with the company’s new strategy. The client’s colleagues had asked him how his organisation was going to support the new strategy.

Approach: 2 Partners, 3 Consultants, 2 Analysts for 7 Months

Catenion used the Operating Model Framework to guide several client teams systematically through the organisational dimensions of:

  • Structure
  • Processes
  • Governance
  • Human Resources
  • Culture

Key issues at the level of processes and decision-making revolved around the increasing focus on the use of translational medicine approaches and biomarkers for pre–proof of concept compounds.

At the same time, the interaction between lead optimisation chemists and biologists and physicians had to be redefined and a new approach to bringing marketing on board in the early stages of R&D had to be found.

The project was heavily driven by face–to–face interactions and intense workshops.

Internal work was backed up by Catenion’s insights from benchmarking the client’s peers.

Key Benefits to the Client

  • The systematic process and external benchmarking helped the client overcome strong resistance to change from some of the key line managers.
  • The methodology clearly showed the organisation and the client’s colleagues on the board how the elements of the operating model would support the new strategy.
  • The focus of the project was more on changing attitudes and establishing new work processes, rather than just breaking down new company goals to the operational level.