Personalised Medicine

Review of Personalised Medicine as a Business Model

Project Context and Scope

At a global healthcare company, the CEO has asked Catenion to review the competitiveness of their established IVD business with specific focus on potential Personalised Medicine applications. In addition, synergies between the Rx and Dx divisions had to be identified. The ultimate aim was to create a “winning business model” for Personalised Medicine across divisional boundaries.

Approach: 3 Partners, 2 Consultants, 1 Analyst for 2 Months

Catenion performed an extensive external analysis in the Personalised Medicine space

  • Overall market dynamics (segments, size, growth, trends)
  • Key technological trends
  • Regulatory and reimbursement trends
  • Key players

The internal analysis comprised an extensive review of the client’s competitive position in the Personalised Medicine space

  • Marketed products
  • R&D pipeline
  • Synergies across divisions
  • Skills and capabilities
  • Gaps

In a synthesis step, Catenion developed alternative business model options together with a high–level client team. The options were evaluated and a clear recommendation was made.

Key Benefit to the Client

Through this process:

  • The systematic process and extensive external benchmarking helped the client realise the limitations of Personalised Medicine both as a stand–alone business case but also for the short–term realisation of synergies.
  • In spite of the limitations on a business model level, a number of important Personalised Medicine–related activities were initiated at the portfolio level.
  • This included an extensive biomarker program for the client’s oncology drug development pipeline.
  • Soon after this project, the client decided to divest major proportions of its IVD businesses.