Proprietary Platforms

Indication & Target Screening

High-throughput technologies produce vast amounts of omics data which revolutionize medical research and offer the opportunity to understand the underlying disease mechanisms. Despite these advances, many diseases and targets remain chronically understudied even in the face of high unmet patient need. We apply data science principles to aggregate and integrate heterogeneous data revealing hidden interactions that fill these knowledge gaps. Our comprehensive and dynamic databases allow us to identify potential targets that drive disease progression and spotlight unexplored therapeutic and commercial opportunities. Another line of our expertise is in the over 9000 orphan diseases with limited therapy options where we aid R&D teams toward novel biomedical discoveries and advances.

Company & Asset Acquisition

Catenion has a long tradition of assisting clients with investment and divestment decisions on new drug and medical products, projects and technologies. We perform a pharmaceutical and medical products industries’ best-in-class assessment of such opportunities along the dimensions of both value and risk since 2003. The Data Science Unit accelerates these efforts by asset and company screening exactly tailored to our clients’ needs and priorities.

Clinical Trial & Pipeline Analysis

Clinical trials require substantial time and financial investments. Through our in-house tools, in real-time we can identify the R&D hurdles based on recruitment pressure, trial durations, eligibility criteria and more parameters that steer the drug development. This is further supported by our in-depth knowledge-base, which, continuously fueled by a multitude of data sources, allows us to explore emerging opportunities through drug development pipelines and competitor landscape assessments.

R&D Productivity

At Catenion we have many years of experience in analyzing the parameters that drive company success. Our R&D ranking tool provides an unbiased and automated quantification of how R&D and M&A strategy decisions translate into current and future corporate company performance. We publish our findings annually which you can find in the Insights tab.

R&D Risk Assessment

We operate an expert system with more than 600 criteria measuring a project’s risk level against industry average, differentiated by drug format (small molecules, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins etc.) and stage of the R&D process. Our assessment is based on the input of hundreds of industry experts and was used to evaluate more than 700 projects to date.

In addition to these established processes, Catenion Data Science Unit is always ready to design and adapt tools customized to our clients’ needs.