Marketing Excellence

In the marketing arena, clients face a number of issues of high strategic and financial impact. This is especially true in the areas of launch optimisation, and pricing and reimbursement.

Empirical evidence clearly shows that the success of a product is largely determined by its first-year performance in the market. Therefore, clients must carefully prepare product, organisation, and market years ahead of launch to optimise the critical year-one performance at all levels.

Catenion supports clients both at their headquarters and in country organisations by installing a launch management routine that addresses all relevant strategic and operational aspects of the launch, from Phase IIIb/IV requirements for pricing and reimbursement down to congress management and sales force training.

Another pressing need for our clients is dealing with a pricing and reimbursement climate that is getting tougher by the day. Increasingly, payors refuse to reimburse products at the company’s target price on health economic grounds. Biosimilars threaten end-of-lifecycle profitability of biologics. Innovative strategies are required to optimise lifecycle value.

Catenion helps clients optimise lifecycle value by developing innovative pricing and reimbursement programmes, relying on health economic modeling, programme development and the financial valuation of alternatives. We find that our clients are increasingly ready to explore the economics of “pay-for-performance” schemes.