Thought Leader Interviews

Interviews with external experts can be very useful to gain new perspectives and to challenge or enhance the internal R&D strategy. Amongst others, the following questions are normally of high interest for any R&D strategy:

  • Are we addressing the right unmet medical needs?
  • Which areas will most benefit from emerging scientific knowledge in the next 10 years?
  • What are the most promising targets and technologies?
  • Do we have the right biomarker strategy to improve our probability of success?
  • How can we make our clinical study design more innovative?

Questions to which there is no easy answer. We help our clients to select thought leaders which are most relevant to them by screening the scientific and medical arenas. With our deep understanding of R&D, therapy areas and markets, we can formulate relevant questions, challenge thought leaders and probe for more details. If anonymity is desired we also assist in contacting thought leaders and negotiating content, time and costs on behalf of our clients. We conduct interviews in a professional and client-compliant manner. The interviews are recorded and summarised, and key takeaways are distilled. It is our philosophy to create “so what’s” for anything we do and to discuss learnings and relevance with our client.